I'd like to get a tattoo from you!! what's the best way to make this happen?

It is always best to have a quick consultation in person before setting up an appointment time for your tattoo. This way I can see the size & shape of the area to be tattooed & if there’s anything to work with/around. If you have any sketches or reference photos etc. please print them out & bring them along with you. I hold consultations from 10.30am Thursday-Sunday. If you need another time let me know & we can find something that works for both of us.

I'm turning 18 soon! Can I get a tattoo now?

No way not today, disco lady! Sorry! You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo, even with parental permission it is still illegal. But you can most definitely come in for a chat & arrange an appointment for the big day! Happy birthday toooo yoooouuu!  ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿   

I can’t make it in to the shop for a consultation/I’m coming in from out of town?

If you can’t make it in for a consultation for whatever reason, we can figure out the details over email. However please be aware that this makes it more difficult to give accurate time estimates/quotes & may cause delays on the day of the tattoo depending on how the drawing fits your body when you arrive. A deposit will still be required to secure an appointment time which can be made via PayPal.

Can I just come in & get tattooed on the day?

I can sometimes accommodate smaller tattoos on short notice, but it is always best to call ahead & make sure I have time before coming in to the shop. Priority always goes to those who have booked appointments in advance.

How much will it cost?

This depends solely on the time taken to do your tattoo which can have many variables. Having a consultation will allows me to narrow these down & get a more accurate idea of how long might take to do your tattoo. For smaller work I will generally give a price range (eg. 150-200) once we’ve gone over the details of what you’d like. For larger work (over 3 hours) I will charge an hourly rate. This is due to it being much less predictable how long large work will take. Bigger or more complicated designs may also need a drawing fee separate to the cost of the tattoo that allows more opportunity for design revisions leading up to the date of the tattoo appointment. The minimum charge for any tattoo is $120.

Ok, what next?

Once we’ve gone over the details & we have a plan of what you want, we can make an appointment time for your tattoo that fits in with both of our schedules. At this stage you will need to leave a deposit to secure a time. This is proportionate to the size of the tattoo & typically ranges from $50-$200. This can be made This can be made through the shop by cash or via PayPal for clients from outside Brisbane. Please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment or you will forfeit your deposit. Other than that, we should all be set to go & make some tattoos! 

To organise a consultation/appointment or for any other questions, please use the Contact Form & I’ll be in touch as soon as I can! (=^・ω・^=) .